NDI Represents Illustrators

This was NDI's website in the early 2000's. Content is from the site's archived pages.


Our philosophy at NDI is simple - to represent only the finest and most professional illustrators and to make their services available to you, the client, at the click of a button

Since it's conception, NDI has expanded it's folio of artists to over 30 worldwide - from London to Sydney, Warsaw to Washington.

Our search for unique styles and talent is constant. The desire to fulfill your needs as a commissioning client, paramount.

Our association with Illustration Ltd, one of the UK's leading illustration agencies, further increases our folio to some 130 illustrators.

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When I worked for an international advertising firm, my boss who always wore at least 6 silver statement rings on each hand (I learned later that these are called "statement rings"), would summon me to her corner office when a new project came in and direct me to this site. My job, among many other responsibilities was take a look at the illustrators and select at least ten that seemed appropriate for the job. I would bring the names back to Ms. Silver Statement Rings for her approval. I would patiently wait while those fingers of her right hand would tap out a rhythmic beat on her immaculate desk top with her inch-long nails. I could never figure out how she was able to do that without her rings interfering with the tapping, but they never did. Statement rings are cool, but when you have six on each hand, it seems to be a bit of an over statement, if you ask me. But that was years ago and I have moved on and up to better things within the world of advertising. I smile as I look at the statement ring (notice the singular) I now wear on my left hand.


Just A Few of the ILLUSTRATORS Represented on this Site


Celeste Goulding.

Celeste is wild about watercolour and tales of myth or whimsy.

She has a Masters in Graphic Design (children's book illustration).

Clients include:

Thomson Learning, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne,

Lansdowne, Malaysia Airlines, Pearson, Allen & Unwin, JB Were


Jerry Hoare

Vastly experienced in design, advertising, T.V, publishing and editorial, Jerry particularly enjoys working with texture and colour on a wide range of subjects.


Fiona Maclean

Fiona's work is colourful, funky, fun, and youthful. She specialises mainly in fashion and lifestyle illustration.

Working with both traditional art mediums combined with digital.

Clients include:- Editorial - Elle, Dolly, Cleo, Cosmo, For Me, Girlfriend, and some Advertising


Pete Beard

Pete's work is mainly humorous illustration and character design, rendered in Photoshop from hand drawn originals.

He's worked in just about every area from web to print, exhibition to TV and has never missed a deadlilne.



Image: sparky.jpg

Transglobal illustrator with no boundaries!

Recent clients include:- Ferrari, Ogilvy & Mather, Nissan, Citroen, Peter stuyvesant and PC Direct.


Studio Liddell




Exceptionally high quality digital illustration and animation for advertising and product visualisation. Studio Liddell combine their expert visual knowledge with high end 3D Modelling software.

Recent clients include:- Manchester United, Sony Playstation, Cadbury's, Ford and Heinz.